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Veterinary Clinics

  • Network Infrastructure & Security
  • IP Phone Systems & Unified Communications
  • Cloud Based Backup Solutions
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Network & Application Support
  • Business Hardware & Software

Protecting Your Practice

IT security is extremely important to Veterinary Clinics. Multiple layers of protection need to be in place to keep your network functioning and your customer data safe including...

Business Class Gateway Appliance

Anti Virus / Anti Malware Protection

Windows and 3rd Party Patch Management

System Backups and Recovery Plan

CCR Technology Group also implements PCI - DSS compliance best practices to ensure that your payment terminal will not be compromised and that all required assessments and penetration tests have passed.

Network Support

CCR provides comprehensive network support to ensure maximum up-time of your network. We used a managed service model that monitors your network and resolves any issues before they cause problems.

We are experienced in implementing and maintaining the most popular Veterinary software from Idexx / Cornerstone, Impromed and ACEsoft.

Please contact us at (204) 666-9790 for a no obligation network assessment

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