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Get Your No-Obligation Business and Technology Assessment

Because technology is a vital tool to keep your business moving forward, we want to understand exactly what your goals are so we can help you get there. We’re not here to offer a Band-Aid solution or a quick fix, we’ll get to the root of your technology frustrations and make recommendations to get your network running smoothly.

The first step in finding the right IT solution for your company is scheduling a business and technology audit. A reputable IT provider will insist on doing a full-scale assessment of your network before making any recommendations on how to help you. This process will let you experience the CCR Technology Group commitment to excellence before making a decision -- kind of like test-driving a car.

Assessments are also great tools for you to learn more about what areas of your network may need attention, such as business continuity preparedness, patching, security and maintenance. Here at CCR, we offer this no-obligation service for free as a way to better understand your business priorities, culture, priorities and systems so that we can make meaningful, customized recommendations for the companies we serve. After operating for more than 15 years, we’ve optimized the process to make it simple, straightforward and easy for you.

Our Assessment Report includes:

  • An easy to understand Executive Summary including your risk score, problem areas and recommendations.

  • Best practices for setup, configuration, data protection and security based on your business type.

  • Asset details and configuration reports for all network devices, such as PCs, laptops, servers, routers, firewalls, POS terminals and wireless access points.

  • An inventory of installed applications and licensing details.

  • A list of all servers, including configuration concerns and corresponding recommendations to resolve the symptoms you report and potential issues raised by the assessment findings.

  • A security and speed assessment that reveals any active attacks, security breaches or vulnerabilities of which you may be unaware.

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