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What is Internet Failover?

Internet failover refers to the process of automatically or manually switching to a backup internet connection in the event of a failure or disruption in the primary internet connection. This ensures that internet-dependent services, applications, and devices remain operational even when the primary connection goes down.

Internet failover can be achieved in different ways, depending on the specific setup and requirements. For example, a business with multiple ISP connections can use a failover router that automatically switches to the backup connection when the primary one fails. Alternatively, a business can use a load balancer to distribute internet traffic across multiple connections and automatically failover to an available connection when one goes down.

Internet failover is important for businesses and organizations that rely heavily on internet connectivity for their operations, as it helps minimize downtime and maintains business continuity.

How Does Dual WAN work?

Dual WAN (Wide Area Network) is a networking setup that uses two internet connections to provide increased reliability, faster speeds, and improved network performance.

Here's how dual WAN typically works:

  1. The network is configured with two separate WAN connections, usually from different internet service providers (ISPs).

  2. A dual WAN router is installed and connected to both WAN connections.

  3. The router is configured to balance the traffic between the two WAN connections using one of the following methods:

Load balancing: The router distributes the traffic across both WAN connections to achieve maximum bandwidth usage and minimize the load on any one connection.

Failover: The router uses the primary WAN connection as the default, and switches to the secondary WAN connection automatically if the primary connection fails.

Load balancing with failover: The router distributes traffic across both WAN connections and switches to the secondary connection if the primary connection fails.

4. Dual WAN routers typically include a variety of features to optimize network performance and security, such as Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize traffic, VPN support for secure remote access, and firewall protection.

If you would like more information on Dual WAN failover protection for your business, contact CCR Technology Group.


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