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Network Security

Security breaches happen every day. Although most of the headlines would lead you to believe that large enterprise corporations, such as Target or Home Depot, are most susceptible, studies have shown that it’s the small- and medium-sized businesses that are really taking the hits. In fact, 62% of all cyberattack victims are SMBs. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable because they may not have the resources to prevent an attack or they may believe they would never be a target. But they are mistaken.

A complete and fully efficient data security solution requires a proactive approach to safety.

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Your company’s data -- employee information, client files, accounting files, etc. -- are worth a pretty penny on the black market. Data breaches occur for any number of reasons, including human error, phishing and social engineering scams. The costs associated with these breaches can reach millions of dollars in legal fees, settlements, lost business, damaged reputation and more.

At CCR Technology Group we provide a comprehensive layered approach to network security and actively work to help companies reduce their attack surface. Our solution matrix integrates multiple vendor security layers and definitions to protect your company. Our network solutions help stop intrusions and threats by scanning for vulnerabilities, filtering network and web traffic, identifying system changes, using encrypted systems and responding to alert systems of possible attacks. The key to robust security is to have a prevention mindset and layered approach coupled with effective regular monitoring, alerts and user training of emerging scams and threats.

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