VoIP Phone Systems

Advantages of a VoIP Telephone Service

VoIP systems provide a feature-rich and technically advanced phone solution. They are easily setup, configured, and managed, and are usually a more economical option than traditional landline systems.

Small businesses that want the advanced functionality of a sophisticated phone system at a reasonable price, as well as businesses that want their remote employees to have access to the same phone system to present a single face to their clients, will be best served by a VoIP telephone service.

Cloud-based VoIP services have the added benefit of no maintenance or hardware (other than your phones, of course) to worry about. The service provider houses, maintains, and upgrades all of the technology for you, which means that your up-front costs are minimized and you’ll automatically have access to new features as they become available.

But perhaps the most significant technical advantage of VoIP services is their scalability. Landline systems are limited to the number of lines that you have connected and adding more means installing them and upgrading your hardware. However, because VoIP systems only rely on your internet connection, they allow for an unlimited number of lines. This drastically reduces your setup and maintenance costs.

Your ongoing costs will likely be less with a VoIP service as well. Because your voice is transmitted as data over the internet, the cost to operate the service is smaller than over the copper lines of traditional landlines and these savings are passed on to you. While it’s normal for both landlines and VoIP to include unlimited domestic calling in their plans, international call rates are significantly cheaper with VoIP. 

The technology behind VoIP services also means that they can offer features that traditional landlines can’t.

  • Mobility. VoIP services allow you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your office phone, which extends your phone system to literally anywhere you’re located. You can have calls forwarded to you to receive them anywhere you are, as well as make calls and have them appear to come from your office phone number. This is a huge benefit for people who visit clients, such as sales or account managers, as well as remote employees.

  • Portability. VoIP technology allows you to use any phone or even computer as your personal extension, which means that you’re not limited to making or receiving calls at your desk.

  • Flexibility. Cloud-based VoIP services enable you to login to your account from your computer or smartphone app and manage your phone system on the fly, including how calls are routed and handled. For example, you can use the advanced routing features to setup a recurring schedule in which calls are forwarded to your mobile phone on evenings and weekends.

  • Accessibility. Most VoIP service providers offer advanced accessibility features, such as having voicemail converted to   text and sent to you by text message or email, which can be a particular benefit to the hearing impaired.

  • Integrations. The same voice-to-text feature also means that your VoIP system can be integrated with third-party applications, such as CRM software. So, for example, when you receive an incoming call your CRM could automatically scan for the number and display any relevant data you have associated with it.

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